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Office 365




  • Visit
  • Login with your school email in the form:
    (The firstname.lastname part should be the same as what you use with school computers.)
  • Use the same password that you use with school computers.



  • Some teachers may share class OneNote websites with you. After logging into go to OneNote and look for class notebooks shared with you.  You can also click a link from the email you recieved when a teacher shared the OneNote class with you.


  • From the menu click One Drive
  • You can save any type of files to this folder and access them anywhere you have internet.

Word, PowerPoint, Exel Online

  •  There are online versions of Word, PowerPoint, and Exel that you can use over the internet in your browser.

Share a Document

  • With an online document open, click the share button 
  • Type email address(es) that you want to share with.  As you type a name and wait it should give suggestions.
  • Decide if you want to let the person edit or just view the document.

Install at home

  • At home you can click the "Install Office" icon and install the full versions of Word, PowerPoint, Exel, etc on your computer at home


  • You can download the OneNote app on your phone or tablet, login with school email account, and open your class notebooks.
  • You can also download apps for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OnDrive, etc on your phone or tablet.

Email on your phone

You can install a free Outlook App on your phone. Then sign in with and your school password.

Or use the email app you already have:

  • iOS Mail app: Settings, scroll down to Mail, tap Accounts > Add Account
  • Android Email App:  mannage accounts, +, exchange
  • Android Gmail App: Gmail - menu icon in upper left corner > Settings > Add account > Exchange


  • Username:
  • Password: (your school password)
  • Server address: