SCI Graduation 2020 Information 

Please refer to the "EXTERNAL AWARDS" section at the bottom of this page for awards that can be applied for now.
  • Springfield Collegiate's Graduation Convocation and Dinner & Dance will take place on June 25th, 2020 at Club Regent Event Centre.
  • Grad Rehearsal - info to follow
SCI Graduation Awards
The list of awards below were for the Grad 2019 class.  Please review the list below for criteria. The 2020 awards will be available in April 2020.
SCI Graduation Awards - List of Awards Available and Application Documents are found in the list below:

External Awards - sourced outside of SCI

List of awards and Application Documents are below:
Please refer to the following links to external awards that are available for application:

Grad Photos


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Gowns for Grads

  • If you are struggling with financially supporting the purchase of your graduation dress, this program provides an opportunity for our graduates to select a dress and accessories for their Graduation for FREE!
  • Please see Mrs. Loureiro for more information - Deadline:  March of each year
  • This program and conversations surrounding it are confidential.

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