SCI Graduation Information

SCI Graduation 2022 Information

GRADUATION 2022 INFO (as of April 1, 2022)

June 28th a.m. - Club Regent Event Centre
Dinner & Dance: 
June 28th p.m. - Club Regent Event Centre
-As plans are more concrete, information will be provided to the Grads and will be posted here.

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Grad 2022 Video

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SCI Scholarships, Awards, and Bursaries 2022
-If, at any point, a graduate has questions about the content on this webpage, please see or email Mr. Stearns ([email protected]) or Mrs. Loureiro ([email protected]).
At present, all awards have been posted on the Class of 22 Team and moving forward on a new webpage titled "Scholarships/Awards/Bursaries Information".  Please review that list to be sure that you have not missed an award that you may qualify for. 

VERY IMPORTANT!!!!  Below is a link to a from that all Graduating students need to fill out. This form requests high school transition information and also includes all the SCI "internal" awards that we ask all students to review and provide the required information if they wish to apply.