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What is Artspeak? Artspeak is an integrated arts credit program offered by the Sunrise School Division.
Why Artspeak? Artspeak exists to provide a specialized learning environment in an alternate setting to the school classroom for students who are talented in the arts.
Who goes to Artspeak? Students who come to Artspeak are talented, curious individuals who have a desire to explore the arts in a community setting.  Artspeak students are independent, grounded and respectful and accepting of differences.
Who are the teachers? Anthony Steffes is joined by artists, actors, storytellers, musicians and dancers.  These teachers and mentors provide motivation for the emergence of ideas that come from the students ideas.
What do you do at Artspeak? Every session has a theme therefore every Artspeak session is unique but drawing, painting, sculpture, music, mime, movement, writing, storytelling, theatre and dance are all part of the experience.
How does a student earn a credit in Artspeak? A credit requires attendance at two four -day sessions as well as preparatory work and may include follow up pieces of art or writing.  Each year five sessions are offered and students may complete their credits over the four years of high school.  The credit could be one of the following:

  * Artspeak 41G: Integrated Visual and Performing Arts 
  * Artspeak 41G: Visual Arts Focus 
  * Artspeak 41G: Music Focus 
  * Artspeak 41G: Theatre Focus

How can I get more information about Artspeak? Please contact the Mrs. Both at SCI for more information.