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Student Services

​Student Services teachers at Springfield Collegiate assist students with a wide variety of personal, educational, vocational and career-related concerns. Some of the services provided by these teachers are:

  • Academic and programming support
  • Personal counselling
  • Educational and vocational counselling
  • Career counselling and information
  • Information and referral service


Appointments can be made by filling out one of the blue request forms on the table in the office of Room 24. 
Please be sure to specify which counsellor you would like to see (based on your current grade level) and whether your need is urgent.

Student Support Services Teachers:
- Tara Loureiro (Gr. 09) - [email protected]
- Tim Stearns (Gr. 10) - [email protected]
- Leslie McKetchen (Gr. 11) - [email protected]
- Brett Both (Gr. 12) - [email protected]