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Hi everyone, 
Parents should have received an email with the first work package, due April 10th.  Please email me with your correct address if you have not received a package.  [email protected] 
Using Teams
These work packages have been added to Microsoft Teams.  We are now using Teams for Grade 9, Grade 10 Essential, and Grade 11 Essential Math.  Students can log in to Teams using their school account.  Instructions can be found here
A huge advantage to using teams is that students can message me (like a text) through the app.  I can answer questions and send pictures/video this way.  We also have a "class notebook" with resources (notes, links, and examples).  
Submitting Work
Two ways: 
1.  Each assignment within Teams has an "add work" link.  Attach photos or a pdf scan of your work.  
2.  Email me photos or a pdf scan at [email protected] 
If submitting your work via Teams or email does not work for you, please let me know. 
Marks will be posted in MapleWood.  Click here to log in to MapleWood.  
What's next? 
I will continue to add work to Microsoft Teams.  You will also receive this in an email as a PDF package.  
Email me or send me a message in Teams.  
Be well.  Missing you already!  
Ms. Rogers